CFA and Lunch 4 Learning Coalition secures $50 million in NYC budget for cafeteria redesign! 


June 13, 2022 - We did it! Over the past several months, Community Food Advocates and the Lunch 4 Learning coalition have advocated for an innovative cafeteria redesign model that was developed by the Office of Food and Nutrition Services. Thanks to your overwhelming support, and the hard work of the coalition, Mayor Adams and the City Council have committed $50 million in capital funds to transform another 100 middle and high school cafeterias! While this is not the total amount we are seeking, it is a major starting commitment from the Mayor and City Council.


The student friendly environment and the food court style serving line in the redesign provide more daily menu options and faster service, and the presentation dramatically increases the appeal of the food. CFA’s analysis found that high schools with redesigned cafeterias experienced a 35% increase in student participation in school meals.

Redesign Transforms NYC School Cafeterias

The NYC Department of Education Office of Food and Nutrition Services has rolled out an innovative cafeteria redesign.


Community Food Advocates and the Lunch 4 Learning coalition is calling for an investment of $250 million in capital funds over 5 years is needed to transform all NYC middle and high school cafeterias.


Learn more from our lookbook and one-pager.

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Where is Cafeteria Redesign now?

As of May 2022, the redesign has transformed 44 cafeterias across NYC.

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