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Community Food Advocates joins our many friends, allies, and community in denouncing the acts of racialized violence and expressions of hate that have most recently led to the murder of eight people in Atlanta, including six Asian-American & Pacific Islander women and one AAPI man.


The recent rise in acts of violence and harassment against Asian-Americans is not exceptional or new in our country.  These criminal acts are deeply rooted in the nation’s long history of anti-Asian policies.  As a public policy advocacy organization, we recognize and call them out as the most recent manifestation of a long and brutal history of exclusion, scapegoating and bigotry.  


Leadership matters.  The previous President and other leaders have used racially/ethnically charged language and blame regarding the pandemic stoking this latest round of anti-Asian violence.


Policy matters.  Language matters.  Accountability matters.  Most important, the lives of our community members MATTER.  The intentional “othering” and division among our communities must end. 


We stand united in the common goal to dismantle the many manifestations of white supremacy.  It is with our Asian American sisters and brothers in our hearts, that we remain dedicated to the unfinished work in our advocacy.


The end to racism and discrimination against people of all races, religions, and sexual orientation is long overdue.  Our lives and our communities depend on it!!


In Unity,

The CFA Team

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