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9am-12pm ONLY

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9am-12pm and 3pm-5pm

Expanded Halal Options

Kosher Service Only

Updated: January 13, 2021

About Free School Meals: 2020-2021 School Year


Free school meals are served in the following ways:

On the Days Students are Learning in School

  • Food is either delivered to classrooms or students can pick up food from meal stations throughout the building to take back to eat in their classrooms.

  • Some schools are planning to use cafeterias and other common spaces as classrooms.

Take-out Meals for Children and Their Families

Many school buildings will be serving take-out meals for all children and other members of the household.

  • No registration, ID, or documentation is required to pick up meals.

  • Take-out meal service is available Monday–Friday, 9AM–12PM.

  • Three meals per household member, per day – a breakfast and two lunches.

  • Meals are available for all children, whether or not they are enrolled in a school.

  • Students, parents/guardians, siblings, friends or even neighbors can pick up take-out meals at convenient sites.

  • Take-out meals are available for families even when children are learning in school.

Families do not need to register for take-out meals at this time.

  • Families with children can pick up meals from any school providing take-out meals, and no ID, documentation, or registration is required.

  • Adults who are picking up take-out meals for their children can pick up meals for themselves and other household members at the same location and time.

Grab-and-Go Community Meals

Meals for all New Yorkers, including households with no children, are available at around 250 sites across NYC.

  • No registration, ID, or documentation is required to pick up meals.

  • Meals are available Monday–Friday, 3 PM–5 PM.

  • Three meals are provided, per person per day.

  • Site locations are determined by community need based on:

    • Grab-and-go data since March 2020, and

    • The City's home delivered meals program.

List of School Locations to Pick up Free Meals

Find a location to retrieve meals

The full list of sites below is sorted by Community School District. Scroll to view more locations.


Updated: January 13, 2020


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