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NYC Good Food Purchasing Program


In partnership with The Food Chain Workers Alliance, the City University of New York (CUNY) Urban Food Policy Institute, the Center for Good Food Purchasing, and local affiliated organizations, Community Food Advocates is advocating for NYC to adopt the Good Food Purchasing Program. The Good Food Purchasing Program Campaign, driven by a coalition of 40+ local and national food system advocates and experts, is in the early stages of implementation here in NYC. The Program encourages large institutions to use the enormous strength of our City's food procurement power to improve the local and regional food systems in the areas of workers' rights, environmental sustainability, local economies, nutrition, animal welfare, and seeks to infuse racial equity and transparency practices into the food system.

Approximately 230 million meals are served annually by 11 NYC agencies. This Program aims to, on one hand, hold large vendors accountable to better practices, while also ensuring that small and historically marginalized vendors (such as Black, Indigenous & POC farmers and food producers) have more opportunities to contract with our public agencies.

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