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Lunch 4 Learning


In 2013, CFA launched the Lunch 4 Learning campaign to lead the effort to bring Universal Free School Lunch (USL) to all NYC public schools. USL eliminates the poverty stigma of participating in school lunch, which has plagued the program for decades. USL directly results in more children eating, leading to stronger health and wellbeing and better educational outcomes. 


USL is a local issue with national impact since NYC has the nation’s largest school district. CFA has built a uniquely diverse coalition of over 200 organizations and 60 elected officials, representing youth, public school parents, unions, grassroots groups, anti-hunger, public health, and education groups. 


Pediatricians, public school parent leadership organizations, student groups, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), Council of School Supervisors and Administrators (principal’s union), the Food Bank, and other advocates are among our most active campaigners. The majority of our organizational partners are local in scope. As a small, but effective organization, CFA leverages the extensive support of our partners to realize our successes. Indeed, working with our partners, L4L quickly catapulted the USL issue into a top NYC policy priority. ​

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