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New York should provide free school meals

State Bill Would Aid City’s Move Toward More Climate-Friendly Food Sources

Commentary: New York Should Bring Back Universal Free School Lunch

White House to host first hunger conference in over 50 years

Free School Meals: When the Feds Step Back, States Step Up

Edible Activist Podcast: #131: NYC Activist Transforming How Cities Buy Food

NYC public school families to receive $375 per child for food benefits through federal COVID relief

Revamping NYC school cafeterias can feed more kids, say students and advocates

Mayor Adams wants to fix food access. Here are the neighborhoods lacking supermarkets.

New York’s Mayor Is Building an Agenda Around Food. Will It Satisfy?

The Balance podcast: Investing in Growth

For Students to Recover and Thrive, New York Should Ensure Free School Meals Statewide

There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch

Universal lunch may help NYC students view their schools as safer places, a report finds

NYC public school families: Up to $1,320 per child is coming your way in food benefits through federal COVID relief

Food Culture Wars Rage Over Chocolate Milk as Eggs Go Green

Women’s History Month: Honoring Kathy Goldman & Agnes Molnar, New York Hunger Heroes

What New York City Schools Learned Feeding Millions During the Pandemic

New York City Passes 200 Million Meals Distributed Through GetFoodNYC Emergency Programs

School cafeterias provide free Thanksgiving meals to New Yorkers in need

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