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NY City Council Speaker and CUNY Chancellor Announce Plan to Address Hunger Among CUNY Students

NYC Public Schools Can Serve Real Food, But Will They?

Interview with Lana Dee Povitz

First, the Tuna Fish ‘Badge of Shame.’ Next, Banned From the Prom?

Study: Higher state test scores tied to universal free lunch, regardless of income, in NYC schools

Universal free lunch is linked to better test scores in New York City, new report finds

Why school cafeterias should be the frontlines of policy change

New York City Council Speaker Announces City’s Commitment to Good Food Purchasing Program

‘Food is love’: Council speaker unveils multi-pronged plan to increase food equity

Speaker Corey Johnson Unveils Plan To Combat Food Inequity In New York City

Opinion: Put Food on the Green New Deal Menu

Hot and Hungry

Here’s How Universities Are Dealing with Student Hunger on Campus

See Which NYC Schools Eat Lunch Before 10 a.m.

Kids' Health Could Suffer Under Trump School Lunch Rule, AG Says

Trump Administration Sued Over Rollback of School Lunch Standards

As government shutdown drags on, New York City vows to protect school food program

Free Lunch Announced for All Students at NYC Public Schools

New York City Offers Free Lunch for All Public School Students

Advocates Hope That Food Issues Will Find a Place on City’s Campaign Table

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