Community Food Advocates partners with youth and youth-based organizations throughout New York City to support and develop the leadership of youth to advocate for equitable food justice policies. Through on-going campaigns, including Lunch 4 Learning’s push for universal free school lunch, we partner with youth leaders to elevate their voices, provide opportunities to learn and develop advocacy skills, and support youth leaders to pass on their skills and experiences to their peers. For more information on how to get involved, please contact us at: (646) 603-3021

Youth Food Advocates


Youth Food Advocates (YFA) is a youth group led by Community Food Advocates. Our goal is to support young people in learning about food justice and policy advocacy as a way to create deep and meaningful change in the systems that impact young people in NYC (for example: schools, food systems, etc.). The YFA is geared towards young people ages 13 to 19 who want to learn about social justice, food justice, and policy advocacy. Young people work in a fun and collaborative environment with other young people from across the City while they develop leadership skills, public speaking skills, and other skills critical to lead change.​

If you are interested in learning more about the YFA, please contact us at

Youth Empowerment Summit


In November 2015, Community Food Advocates’ Lunch 4 Learning youth leaders partnered with other youth-centered organizations including Added ValueBushwick Campus Youth Food Policy Council, Community Food Advocates, East New York Farms!EcoStation:NY, Friends of the High Line, New York City Food Policy Center at Hunter College, and Teenergetic, to organize the Y.E.S.! Youth Empowerment Summit for Food Justice Advocacy. The Summit was hosted by Trinity Wall Street in Lower Manhattan and brought together over 100 young people from throughout New York City and the northeast region.

The goal of the Summit was to promote collaboration between youth advocates working toward a more fair and equitable food system. Through youth-led panels, speakers, and workshops, participants learned about how other youth use advocacy to create systemic change around food and related social justice issues in their communities. Participants also learned about current youth-centered campaigns and how these efforts connect in the larger movement for food justice. Youth left the Summit inspired and equipped with new tools to create positive change in their communities.



Workshop Series


In March 2016, CFA began to offer free workshops to youth interested in creating systemic change and building expertise in social justice advocacy. Through campaign examples such as Lunch 4 Learning's push for universal free school lunch, youth gained in-depth understanding of the advocacy process and strategies for creating change.

Our workshops are ideal for anyone looking to build expertise as a social justice advocate, get involved in the food justice movement, or connect with other activists. Our hands-on, interactive approach ensures that youth learn from each other and build relationships with other advocates.




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